Are you tired of your old equipment and is it time for something new? You can trade in equipment with us and purchase a new product. You can of course also sell your equipment to us without buying anything new.

Want to trade in or sell your old equipment?

How does it work?

Step 1

Complete our form and you will receive a price proposal with an indication by email.

Step 2

Do you agree? Then make an appointment with us at the office, or send your items to us.

Step 3

After checking, we will determine a final value.

Step 4

You can exchange the trade-in value with us and settle it for another product that we offer in our webshop. Easy, right?

What would you like to exchange with us?

Benefits of trade-in.

✅ You pay less for the item you would like to buy from us.

✅ Trade in safely and securely without having strange people at your door.

✅ Sustainable trade-in is good for the environment.

✅ You are up to date with your new items.

Working sustainably at Re-Own.

Did you know that by trading in your old equipment you are being very green for the environment? Re-Own focuses on a green future and a sustainable planet. That is why we like to give our items another chance.

Trade-in process.

All equipment offered to us is thoroughly checked and tested for functionality and completeness upon trade-in. All our items are also checked in advance for theft. We do this on the basis of identical serial numbers. After we have checked and tested the items, your item comes with a standard 1-month warranty.

Registration obligation for second-hand goods.

We register every purchase of second-hand goods. Always show your driver's license, ID card or passport. Why do we ask for your name and address? As a buyer of second-hand goods, we are legally obliged to register every purchase in a purchasing register. We also record the name, address and place of residence of the person who offers something second-hand to us. This way we prevent thieves from offering stolen goods and from unintentionally perpetuating theft. We treat your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

Frequently Asked Questions

View the answers to the most frequently asked questions about trading in items here.

General trade-in conditions

  • Our items are checked when traded in and registered in the Digital Buyers Register to prevent stolen goods. When trading in, we may ask for your proof of identity (required by law).

  • Our online valuations are based on a fully functioning and complete product. The lack of accessories or damage to crucial parts can lower the trade-in price after final inspection.