The story of Re-Own


We are a young and enthusiastic company full of ambitions.

May we introduce ourselves? Hi! we are Re-Own (nice name, eh?) and were born in an attic room, just like many other companies that add color to life. And, just like our big brothers, we have a good dose of ambition to grow.

What exactly are our ambitions?

That's how it is. We think it's cool to introduce you to beautiful gadgets, gadgets and innovative products that we have come to believe in. Due to our unbridled passion for buying, selling and especially exchanging, we can also offer our items competitively. In addition, we also try to take the environment into account as much as possible by making deals where you can trade in your (old) gadgets or items. Easy Right?

By the way, Re-Own has now found a flair for interesting and beautiful products. Both for private individuals and for entrepreneurs.

Our mission?

We would like to conquer the world and you with a number of interesting gadgets and items.
Okay, we still have a modest team and a modest range, but we promise you that we will grow.

Would you like to know anything else? Then we are happy to assist you through our customer service.

Customer focus

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team is ready to assist you with every step of your shopping experience, from selecting the right product to providing excellent after-sales service.


By exchanging or exchanging your items, we are jointly working sustainably. A second chance for your product is a relief for the environment.


Our specialists are happy to assist you and think along with you.